When it comes to piercing, Queen of Steel is unparalleled. With decades of experience, we take great care in securing the best and most professional piercers. Piercers that have extensive and rigorous training, a passion for design, and a commitment to delivering a comfortable bedside manner.

Our piercings are done with high precision and accuracy ensuring minimal tissue damage or infection. With a body jewellery selection that is very unique and top of the range. Stocking only the highest quality body piercing jewellery. Below are the extensive list of body piercings we carry out. Head on over to our Instagram account to have a look at some of our work.

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Piercer Bios

Queen Of Steel | Faranaaz Kannameyer


The Tattoo and Piercing industry has been part Faranaaz's life for almost two decades now. Faranaaz was apprenticed and employed at Wildfire since 2002. After managing Wildfire, one of South Africa's leading Professional studio's for over a decade, she resigned in 2015 to pursue her own piercing and modification dreams.

Faranaaz has advanced her piercing techniques, and jewellery fabrication and design through interaction with other piercers from around the country and internationally. She has pierced thousands of people over the years, and her clientele ranges from young girls getting their ears pierced for the first time to top celebrities.

She is a piercing artist with more than a decade of experience. She performs all piercings from standard ear piercings to the more exotic, as long as the anatomy is suitable. Faranaaz also loves and has perfected her technique in Scarification.

Faranaaz has made body piercing her lifelong career and passion. She is all about providing a great experience with the best materials and the safest technique, keeping up with the latest practices, so she can provide the best service available.

Please feel free to contact the studio to discuss any piercings, body modification projects or piercing related problems.


Samantha started her piercing and body modification apprenticeship with Lliezel Ellick at The Body Architects in June 2016. She has since been working at The Body Architects on a part-time basis, doing piercings, scarification, and microblading, as well as assisting Lliezel with various body modification procedures.

She started her position at Queen of Steel as a full-time body piercer in February 2021.

Samantha has a special interest in beautiful jewellery, curation, and aesthetics.

Queen Of Steel | Lee

List Of Piercings

Ear Lobe Popular Transverse Lobe Nose Popular
Helix Popular Belly Septum Popular
Conch Popular Lip High Nostril
Tragus Popular Monroe Tongue
Rook Popular Philtrum Popular Smiley/Frenum Popular
Forward Helix Popular Ashley Web
Snug Vertical Labret Surface Dermal
Anti Tragus Cheek Surface Bar
Daith Popular Vertical Eyebrow Tragus Surface
Industrial Horizontal Eyebrow Anti-Eyebrow
Other Services We Also Offer:
  • Earlobe Stretching
  • Other Stretching
  • Jewellery Sterilization
  • Jewellery Change
  • Bioplast Trim
  • Dermal Anchor Removal
  • Jewellery Removal

  • Aftercare & Downsizing


    At Queen of Steel your experience doesn’t end after you leave the store. We’re obsessed with ensuring your piercing is perfect which means we will recommend that you come in for a check up after six weeks, so we ca ensure you’re healing appropriately. We offer downsizing of your posts to ensure the angle is maintained and your piercing has the perfect fit.

    Queen Of Steel | Downsizing Importance

    General Aftercare Principles

    1. Do not turn or rotate your jewellery of your fresh piercing.
    2. Do not move the jewellery or touch it outside of the cleaning routine.
    3. Do not pick or pull the dried matter (plasma) as it is attached to the healing tissue and will aggravate your healing process.
    4. Do not clean your piercing with surgical spirits, alcohol, or bactine as these products are not designed for piercings.
    5. Over cleaning your piercing or using harsh cleaning products can irritate a piercing and delay healing.
    6. When showering, rinse any soaps, shampoos and body washes away from your fresh piercing.
    7. Your piercing needs to be cleaned regularly until it is fully healed which can take months, depending on the piercing and your own body.
    8. Do not remove your jewellery during its healing time as it will begin to close immediately, making it difficult to reinsert.
    9. If your jewellery is uncomfortable and needs to be refit during the healing period, please contact Queen of Steel for an adjustment.
    10. Avoid touching the piercing with dirty hands and fingernails. Avoid getting other people’s saliva or other body fluids in the area.
    11. Avoid friction and pressure, such as sleeping on the piercing or tight clothing.
    12. Swimming in dam water or fresh water lakes during the healing process should be avoided. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Queen of Steel.

    Cleaning Procedure For External Piercings

    1. Wash your hands before cleaning your piercing.
    2. Saturate a cotton bud or non-woven sterile gauze with a sterile Saline Solution.
    3. Gently remove the plasma around your piercing/piercing jewellery with the saturated saline bud.
    4. After cleaning, gently dry your piercing with the other end of bud.
    5. Clean your piercing twice a day (AM & PM) for the first month, after the first month you will only clean when needed.

    Cleaning Procedure For Tongue Piercings

    1. Using a diluted mouthwash, rinse after every time you eat, drink or smoke etc.
    2. You can only eat soft food for the first 4 days.
    3. Reduce swelling by using an anti-inflammatory or by chewing on crushed ice.
    4. Do not exchange bodily fluids eg, NO kissing for 8 weeks to avoid infectious diseases.

    Approximate Healing Times

    Lobes (Lower) 2-4 Months
    Lobes (Upper) 4-6 Months
    Cartilage (Helix, Forward Helix, Conch, Outer-Conch, Tragus, Anti-Tragus, Rook & Daith) 6-12 Months
    Industrial 9-12 Months
    Nostril 6-12 Months
    Septum 4-6 Months
    Nipple 8-12 Months
    Navel 9-12 Months
    Dermal 4-6 Months
    Surface 6-12 Months
    Tongue 2-4 Months
    Lip 6-12 Months
    Cheek 6-12 Months
    Smiley 2-4 Months
    Web 4-6 Months

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    Compliment your new piercing with our amazing range of piercing jewellery.

    Health & Safety

    We take piercing and tattooing very seriously and hygiene and safety is our top priority. ONLY single-use sterile needles are used. Needles are discarded immediately after use and disposed of through incineration by a recognised medical waste company, as per government regulations. All stainless-steel instruments that are used go through a strict cleaning routine. They are first ultrasonically soaked in a chemical sterilising bath and then finally placed into an autoclave. This destroys all bacteria and viruses (eg HIV, Hepatitis etc). The autoclave itself is tested regularly. We use either nitrile or latex gloves, all disposable consumables are disposed of into medical waste bins. All instruments are kept sterile in our ultra violet sterilisation cabinet. Everything that touches a client is either brand new and completely sterile or thoroughly sterilised.

    All our piercing jewellery is sterilised in our top-of-the-line autoclave. Part of our piercing experience also includes detailed aftercare instructions so you will quickly and completely heal your new look.

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