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Queen of Steel was established 2015. We are an ALL GIRL Piercing & Tattoo Studio, situated in Blue Route Mall, Tokai, Cape Town.

Our brand represents the strengths of modern South African women standing proud and confident for the future. We are a team of strong individuals who work together as a family, taking the utmost pride in what we do and are highly professional at all times.

Piercings and Tattoos

Queen Of Steel | Piercings
Queen Of Steel | Piercings


Queen of Steel piercing knowledge, professionalism and body jewellery selection is very unique and top of the range. Stocking only the highest quality body piercing jewellery. We specialize in creating custom tattoos, we also offer tattoo redesign and cover ups. We are an appointment based studio, but we always welcome walk-ins.

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Queen Of Steel | Tattoos


A tattoo or piercing is not just about the artwork, it is about the whole experience and creating the right energy and environment is equally as important to us.
We understand that it can be intimidating to walk into a tattoo and piercing studio, here at Queen of Steel we give you our 100% attention, creating an open and relaxed environment. We are family friendly and provide a welcoming atmosphere for all. Clinical Standards of Hygiene is the hallmark of our studio.

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Queen Of Steel | Tattoos


Book your piercing or tattoo session with us today. Our artists are ready and available to handle all your body art and piercing requirements.

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