Unique Works of Art

Tattoos, in their eternal sense, are more than a beautiful moment frozen in time. For us, they represent artistry mastered and unique design perfected. Our tattoo specialists excel at customized pieces. Each artist creates a vibrant energy, fostering openness and flexibility for your desired piece, or creativity, to come to life. They are able to advise, design with you, or take the lead on featured work. You are in the best of hands with us. Come enrich an already memorable experience with Queen of Steel.

Our Tattoo Artists

Queen of Steel has a professional team of dedicated tattoo artists. Each brings their own style, personality and expertise. Read their bios below to find out which one is a match for you!


Tamaryn, better known as Tamz, is an avid skateboarder, fire dancer and experienced tattoo artist in many different styles. She has been tattooing since 2020.

Her favourite styles of tattooing include manga, mystical dotwork, new school, American neo-traditional, Japanese and Chinese style, and last but not least, geometric and fine line tattoos.

Tamz tattoos exclusively at our Blue Route Mall branch.

IG: @inksane_insurgent_mods


Busta is a professional tattoo artist with over 15 years of experience. He specializes in various tattoo styles, but his unique talent lies in creating vibrant and bold colour work, which has earned him a reputation amongst his clientele. He particularly enjoys working on Japanese and Newschool tattoos, as well as cover-ups.

Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to travel extensively and share his craft across the USA and various parts of Europe, and is grateful to have the support of a reputable tattoo machine sponsor, Axys Rotary, based in the States.

Busta has also founded his own tattoo brand, The Golden Tiki, which has been operational since 2010. He loves all things Tiki and has great admiration for Polynesian culture. Beyond the tattoo industry, Busta is a passionate double bass player in a psychobilly band called The Spinebenders. Furthermore, Busta is committed to wildlife conservation, and his charity, Tats for Bats, aims to raise funds to support Bat Conservation in South Africa.

IG: @busta_boltoon


Nicola has taken the tattoo industry by storm and has built a remarkable name for herself.

Her journey into the realm of body art began at a tender age, evolving into her primary form of artistic expression in adulthood. Her deep-rooted passion for the arts, including painting and illustration, finds its vivid manifestation in the tattoos she creates.

With an unwavering dedication to her craft, renowned for her mastery of fine lines, delicate shading, and the captivating allure of monochromatic black and grey styles, Nicola's preferred style of tattooing is realism and surrealism.

Every tattoo Nicola designs embarks on its own transformative journey, mirroring the personal growth and evolution of its wearer. Nicola is not just a tattoo artist, she is a versatile creator who fearlessly explores new horizons to bring her clients' desires to life.

Nicola tattoos exclusively from our Claremont branch.

IG: @nicola_chemaly_art