Unique Works of Art

Tattoos, in their eternal sense, are more than a beautiful moment frozen in time. For us, they represent artistry mastered and unique design perfected. Our tattoo specialists excel at customized pieces. Each artist creates a vibrant energy, fostering openness and flexibility for your desired piece, or creativity, to come to life. They are able to advise, design with you, or take the lead on featured work. You are in the best of hands with us. Come enrich an already memorable experience with Queen of Steel.

Our Tattoo Artists

Queen of Steel has a professional team of dedicated tattoo artists. Each brings their own style, personality and expertise. Read their bios below to find out which one is a match for you!


Since 2006, Ryan has been leaving his mark across South Africa's tattoo scene, honing his craft with a specialization in Neo-Traditional and Japanese styles. Renowned for his bold designs, vibrant colors, and impressive large-scale work, Ryan's tattooing speaks volumes.

Beyond the tattoo chair, Ryan finds joy in the company of friends and his cherished trio of canine companions. Known for his kindness, calm demeanor, and engaging conversation, he possesses a patience that's matched only by his knack for eliciting laughter.

You can find Ryan practicing his craft at both our Blue Route and Claremont branches, where his talent continues to leave lasting impressions.

IG: @ryanbelltattoo


Tamaryn, better known as Tamz, is an avid skateboarder, fire dancer and experienced tattoo artist in many different styles. She has been tattooing since 2020.

Her favourite styles of tattooing include manga, mystical dotwork, new school, American neo-traditional, Japanese and Chinese style, and last but not least, geometric and fine line tattoos.

Tamz tattoos exclusively at our Blue Route Mall branch.

IG: @inksane_insurgent_mods


Born and bred in the vibrant culture of Cape Town, Nathan has always been drawn to self-expression and creativity.

Tattooing stole his heart, and his journey into this art form began as an apprentice under seasoned masters. Tattooing is more than a job—it's storytelling, etching memories onto skin.

Inspired by Cape Town's culture and global movements, he infuses his tattoos with depth and meaning. From traditional to abstract, he celebrates diversity and embraces new horizons. His priority is exceptional artwork and a positive experience. From consultation to touch-up, he ensures open communication and professionalism.

Outside tattooing, he is immersed in sketching, painting, and community involvement. Let's create together. Book your appointment and let's make ink magic happen!

IG: @that.damned.tattoo.guy