The Piercing Experience

The Queen of Steel piercing experience is top-rated and has decades of experience behind it. Our piercers have extensive training, rigorously upheld standards, and a beautiful passion for their craft. This all-female team is committed to a kind, understanding and professional bedside manner.

Staying on top of the latest techniques, and trends and constantly honing in on their particular skills, our piercers execute with high precision and accuracy. The aim is minimal tissue damage and zero infection. Queen of Steel is adamantly demanding when it comes to hygiene practices, and the team will equip you with the best care advice. [You can also find an in-depth care guide here]

Founder, Faranaaz Kannemeyer, carefully selects each jewellery piece to represent not only the beautiful design and aesthetic of the Queen of Steel brand but mainly with a focus on quality. Only the highest quality manufacturing, metals and designs are added to our collection.

Piercing Guide

The Queen of Steel Guide to the perfect piercing.

List of Piercings

We offer the following types of piercings.

Ear Lobe Helix Flat Helix Conch
Tragus Rook Snug Daith
Industrial Anti-Tragus Daith Industrial
Forward Helix Contra Conch Transverse lobe Faux Rook
Nose Septum High Nostril Navel
Lip Monroe Inverse Labret (Ashley) Philtrum
Dahlia Vertical Lip Tongue Smiley
Web Eyebrow (Vertical) Eyebrow ( Horizontal) Anti-Eyebrow
Nipple Bridge Dermal Piercing Surface Piercing
Surface Piercing      


Vertical Clitoral Hood Horizontal Clitoral Hood Christina Inner Labia
Outer Labia Fourchette    


Prince Albert Reverse Prince Albert Frenulum Guiche
Scrotum Guiche Hafada Dydoe

Meet Our Piercers


With an interest in body modification and piercing from a very young age, the tattoo and piercing industry has been part of Faranaaz’s life for nearly two decades.

Extremely passionate about her industry and as the founder and head piercer of Queen of Steel, she is deeply committed, with a progressive approach to the industries betterment, using only medical-grade equipment, specialised piercing needles imported from the USA and the highest quality metals and gemstones available.

Her brand focuses solely on the artistry and the quality it brings to the market, making her an industry leader and a changemaker. Faranaaz advanced her piercing techniques and jewellery selection through interaction with professional piercers globally. Piercing thousands of people over many years, from young kids getting pierced for the first time to international celebrities. Faranaaz performs all piercings from standard ear piercings to the more exotic.

At the forefront of this booming industry, Faranaaz’s ultimate goal is to educate the importance of safety and hygiene when it comes to piercing and the quality materials surrounding body jewellery.

Keeping up with the latest practices, she is all about providing a great experience with the best materials and a unique style of piercing. Faranaaz leads a fun, hard-working, all-female team that emulates the same values of her company ethos.

IG: @piercingbyfaranaaz


Samantha has had a fascination with alternative culture and body modification from a young age.

Starting her piercing journey in 2016, she has a wealth of experience and has helped make the dreams of countless clients a reality, with professionalism and great attention to detail.

Samantha has special interest in beautiful jewellery, curation and aesthetics, with a keen eye for placement and symmetry. She is capable of performng all standard piercings, including most piercings below the belt.

IG: @butcher__bird


Kesiah started at Queen of Steel as front-of-house and; despite initially dabbling in tattoos, she ultimately completed her apprenticeship in 2018 and later joined the team as a piercer. Kesiah loves the versatility in the jewellery and her client's willingness to take advice, making her work in piercing feel more personalised. Getting her first real confidence boost on a cheek piercing, Kesiah has vastly expanded her piercing portfolio. Kesiah appreciates the values of Queen of Steel’s founder, Faranaaz Kannemeyer, for being very aware of her team's needs and displaying great leadership, this deepens the love of what she does even more.  Piercing since 2018, Kesiah performs all standard piercings. With a friendly bedside manner, and always happy to help, Kesiah loves the clients that Queen of Steel attracts.



Kaii's piercing journey began in 2021 at Beyond Body Modification, Johannesburg. Upon moving to Cape Town, she explored tattooing, but ultimately found a home at Queen of Steel as their junior piercer.

Kaii values self-expression and finds passion in being able to help people to do so. With her gentle and patient approach, she also loves having the opportunity to give kids a great piercing experience. Kaii loves being creative and having fun with piercing curations.

Kaii is leveling up her piercing skills and will be doing select piercings at a discounted rate.

IG: @silverlining_kaiii


Clare first met Queen of Steel founder when on location as a graduate photography student. Clare fell in love with the piercing and tattoo industry after she decided to shoot a series on body modification as her final exhibition.  Clare, who was initially working front of house, waited a long time for the right circumstances to come together for her next role in the piercing industry (piercing apprenticeship). This journey has made her grateful on a daily basis for her line of work. Clare loves that her industry is moving towards more inclusivity, especially across older generations.  Clare has drawn a lot of strength and inspiration from understanding the neurodivergence movement. It has made her more intune with herself, her clients, and our world.  Piercing since 2016, Clare is capable of performing all standard piercings including most piercings below the belt.

Clare’s favourite thing about Queen of Steel is the great team she works with and the incredible range of jewellery options they carry.

IG: @clare_foxcroft